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Realistická panna - Ultimate Fantasy Bianca

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Busty beauty with strawberry-blonde hair for hot nights!
This full-size love doll can hardly be distinguished from a real woman! The long-haired Bianca has an extremely beautiful 3D face with hazel eyes, long lashes and luscious lips. Her skin is made out of high-quality Fanta Flesh material and feels incredibly realistic. Her vaginal, anal and oral openings are very authentic. Same goes for her sensuous labia. The strawberry-blonde beauty has a slender silhouette. The extremely voluptuous breasts have perfectly shaped nipples. Her detailed hands and feet know to impress and also have manicured nails. Biancas entire body is movable thanks to a stainless steel skeleton inside. Bolts at the bottom of her feet make it possible that the doll can stand on her own. Includes a great variety of accessories:

• 1 x 120 ml Moist Body Lotion
• 1 x 120 ml Refresh Toy Cleaner
• 1 x 31 ml Fanta Flesh Renewal Powder
• 1 x Cleansing Irrigator
• 1 x Rechargeable Heating Wand with USB Cable
• 1 x Lingerie Set
• 1 x White Cotton Gloves
• 2 x TPE Masturbation Sleeves
• 1 x TPE Material Strip
• 1 x 1 Set of Replacement Press-Øn Nails

Size: 163 cm. Weight: 38.55 kg. Measurements: bust 96 cm, waist: 60 cm, hips 86 cm. Clothing: S-M. Cup size: L. Shoe size (euro) 37-38. Penetration depth vaginal = anal = oral 13 cm. Splash proof.

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